Weidmüller MetalliCard

A highly resistant and co-ordinated labelling system

Up until recently, ovens or similar equipment were required for labelling metal markers. With our new MetalliCard, we are now able to offer an innovative customised labelling system that allows you to print on aluminium or stainless steel tags, as well as our standard MultiCard plastic markers. This is an extremely versatile solution for labelling in the electrical cabinet: with just one printer, one software program and one type of ink. You no longer need to hire an external agency for expensive and time-consuming engraving or punch-outs.

This complete system is very customisable – our M-Print® PRO software can be used to create your custom marker layouts. You save an enormous amount of time with the smooth data transfer from your CAE system.

Our labelling system provides you with these benefits:

  • One system for everything: MultiCards and MetalliCards in one application
  • All components in a single system – regardless of external providers
  • Customised design: Coloured printing on metal tags
  • Optimised use of resources and up-to-date: as needed with direct use