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DRI – Compact relays with robust, industry-compliant plug-in pins


7760056340, DRI 424024LTD

7760056351, SDI 2CO

7760056352, SDI CLIP






RCL – compact relays for universal use


4058630000 RCL424730

8869490000 SRC-I 2CO

8869520000 SRC-I CLIP LP






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Relays and solid-state relays


Reliable switching of sensors, motors and solenoid valves
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Relay modules and solid-state relays from Weidmüller are noted for their reliability and durability. Our product line not only includes industrial relays but solid-state relays, SIL relays and SSL relays for industrial applications. They are available in a range of designs from modular terminal housings to DIN rail-mountable sockets. They switch and amplify digital signals in automation technology applications and provide galvanic isolation from 5 V, 12 V, 24 V up to 230 V AC/DC. Different types of contacts such as NO, NC and CO contacts are available at the output.

Our solid-state relays are controllable on the input side with nominal voltages from 5 V to 230 V. DC and AC outputs permit the switching and controlling of loads in a wide range of applications.

The SIL relays in the SAFESERIES have been specially developed by Weidmüller to focus on the functional safety of your process and power plants in accordance with the requirements of EN 61508.


DRI – Compact relays with robust, industry-compliant plug-in pins

In an industrial environment, service work needs to be carried out quickly, simply and reliably. Increasingly compact cabinets and miniaturised components in confined spaces are becoming a challenge. If components need to be replaced, the bended relay pins often cause errors which are difficult to locate. Advantages: robust plug-in pins for quick and safe mounting, test button with latching in end position, easily visible LED status indicator, 1CO and 2CO versions, numerous control voltages.


DRM – all-purpose industrial relays

Compact relays for all-purpose use in a wide range of industrial applications. Advantages: 2 or 4 CO versions, wide range of coil voltages, optional test button (AC red, DC blue), integrated status LED (AC red, DC green) and/or free-wheel diode.


PWR – power relays for loads up to 30A

Power relays for switching of high industrial loads. Advantages: Dual contact with series connected contacts, max. load current 30 A (1 NO) / 25 A (2 NO), wide range of coil voltages, integrated status LED, Suitable for mounting directly on DIN rail.


RCI – industrial relays for higher performance

Relays for a noise-free, decoupled signal transmission in industrial automation concepts. They are compact, quickly installed and can be fitted in the tightest of spaces.

Advantages: outstanding contact characteristics, optional test button, status LED and free-wheel diode, 1CO and 2CO versions, numerous control voltages.


RCL – compact relays for universal use

Relays for universal and optimum utilization when safe isolation between the input and output is essential. They are compact, quickly installed and can be fitted in the tightest of spaces.

If additional options are not required, RCL relays can be used for price effective applications as alternative of RCI series.

Advantages: excellent contact characteristics, 1CO and 2CO versions, numerous control voltages.


TERMSERIES – Relay modules in 6.4 mm or 12.8 mm width

Extremely compact relays for reliable switching of industrial loads. Advantages: slim design (6.4 or 12.8 mm ), wide variety of 1CO, 2CO and solid-state relay variants, fixed or variable control voltage inputs (also available with the unique 24–230 V AC/DC multi-voltage input), multiple accessories (adapters, cross-connectors, partition plates) for flexible application.


Power solid-state relays (PSSR)

Reliable switching of high loads of up to 75 A, without creating any wear or noise. Ideally suited for a multitude of diverse tasks: switching pipe trace heating, phase control for motors and infrared heating, and permanent current monitoring.

Advantages: high shock and vibration resistance, large switching current, fast response time, noiseless and wear-free operation.



The safety relays out of the SAFESERIES switch off your systems in critical situations. Advantages: Various versions available, TÜV-NORD approval.